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Grow Like Tomorrow – in english

6. april 2020
Read more about our upcoming book: Grow Like Tomorrow - The road to the future’s sustainable food production.

Crowdfunding – help us reach the goal for a translation to English!

The book will be funded partly by crowdfunding. The book is in Danish, but if we reach 600.000 dkkr. in our crowdfunding, it will be translated to English!
We’re using Coop’s platform for our crowdfunding:

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On this page, you can read more about the general purpose and thoughts behind the book. You can always follow the process, get the latest news and find an updated table of content at

Why this book?

Our nature, environment and climate are under immense pressure from increasing demands on production and resources, whilst at the same time the divide between ‘town and country’, and the distance from food production to consumer, are increasing. Therefore, there is a need to change our relationship to our food and through this, to better care for nature, the environment, the climate and our shared future.

The world has started to make these transitions. The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals are ubiquitous, and the book Grow Like Tomorrow will take you on a journey through the many great initiatives already taking place in Denmark, and kit you out to make a difference in your own everyday life, within a global context.

Verdensmålsbænk til Realdania lavet af TagTomat - Jarmers Plads

Grow Like Tomorrow will comprise a collection of articles with expert knowledge, inspiring stories of innovative start-ups and green communities and hands-on guides to initiatives you can implement in your own life.

Thinking climate considerations into everyday life and food production and nature back into the city, circulating our resources, and creating viable businesses and communities using open source knowledge and local energy are some topics addressed in the book. Moreover, the book will contain examples highlighting how technology is and will be part of the solution to the challenges we face.

And when inspiration strikes, various guides and case studies will assist you in anything from growing your own microgreens in upcycled hemp mats or mushrooms in your used coffee grinds, to becoming self-sufficient and storing CO2 in your garden, to how to start a green community. In other words, Grow Like Tomorrow is a book that tells you how you can do-it-yourself, and how we can do-it-together.

Grow Like Tomorrow will be published by TagTomat (RoofTomato), which over the past 9 years has worked to plant a veritable forest of green communities at work places and in the city’s courtyards, and has shared its experience and knowledge in teaching gardens, courses, workshops and online in open source knowledge sharing.

The book is based on the company’s extensive experience and frame of reference, and brings together a network of scientists (theoreticians as well as practicians), entrepreneurs and small-scale producers, all of whom are dedicated to the transition to local, sustainable food production.

If you’d like to learn more about sustainable food of and for the future, gain concrete skills and find the inspiration to get started, Grow Like Tomorrow is definitely for you! We’d love it if you would take the first step by helping us publish the book in the format and quality we dream of.

Our first book “TagTomat – Vejen til grønne fællesskaber i byen”, nominated for a Danish Design Award in 2017.

When and where will the book be published?

TagTomat generally works in accordance with Open Source principles, and Grow Like Tomorrow will therefore be published under a Creative Commons License. This means that in addition to the print copies, the contents of the book will be freely accessible for non-commercial use as a pdf on our website, so that we can create as big a ripple effect as possible.

Timeline for the project:
January-May: Preparation and production of videos, campaign material and begin work on written material
June-July: Crowdfunding and content production
July-September: Layout and final editing
October: Book printing and preparation for distribution
November: Publication and release party


Who is TagTomat?

The founder and driving force behind TagTomat is Architect and urban farmer Mads Boserup Lauritsen, who in 2011 had the idea of using homemade, self-watering planter boxes to grow tomatoes on the roof of a shed in the courtyard of his building in Nørrebro, Copenhagen.TagTomat the phenomenon arose when Mads and the residents guild held a neighbourhood workshop, supported by the neighbourhood council. While the name has remained unchanged, TagTomat has outgrown the courtyard and become a small, entrepreneurial green-business, with a couple of handfuls of employees.

The creation of green communities has always been the propelling force behind TagTomat, and our work is based on the following principles:

  • Organic growing, that creates space for life and biodiversity in the city.
  • Simple and effective growing/farming methods accessible to all.
  • Danish UpcycleTM, a sustainable system; resources are circulated and their value increased.
  • Open source knowledge sharing, ensuring easy access to knowledge and experience.

In other words, TagTomat is creating the inspiration and framework for green do-it-yourself and do-it-together.
For more info, go to and

How will we use the money you pledge?

The project is already underway, but your support will ensure the best possible outcome of high quality content and presentation. As we have chosen to self-publish (through, we will be covering our own publishing costs. The support that we receive from you will therefore enable:

  • Payment of fees to experts for high-quality content contribution
  • Assembly, editing and proofing of content
  • Layout / formatting
  • Financing of print-works start-up and printing
  • PR and production of video-guides
  • Distribution
  • Translation to english (if we reach our biggest goal – see the crowdfunding-campaign for more details)

At the end of our crowdfunding campaign
After we reach our crowdfunding target, we will send you regular updates, to let you know how the project is getting on. Soon after printing, we’ll send you a copy of Grow Like Tomorrow, and those of you who have ordered something extra will receive it at the same time. If we should be lucky enough to exceed our target, you can trust that we will use your money to generate even more content for the book.
If, contrary to expectations, we don’t reach our crowdfunding target, any money you pledge will be fully refunded.

Principle design for Grow LIke Tomorrow

Stay tuned!

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We will regularly post info and updates during and after our crowdfunding campaign, so check out

A huge thank you in advance for your contribution – together we can make a greener life!

Team TagTomat